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The vineyard

Base Data:

Cultivation area 14 ha
Grapes per vine 1,1kg
Grapes varieties number
Broad Leaved Melnik   8 000
Melnik 55 30 000
Ruen   8 000
Cabernet Sauvignon   6 500
Merlot   6 500
Chenin Blanc   6 000
Assyrtiko   6 000


Abdyika vineyard was founded in 2005 with the ambition to create unique quality wines from Bulgaria. The property is situated in the south-west corner of the country where four mountains form the Strimona valley, the origin of the Melnik grape.

Abdyika is the ancient name of the slope where the vineyard is situated. The name has Persian roots and means “ Servent of God “ . Abdyika is used today freely translated as Fruit of the Gods, which is a suitable indication of the terroir that  is ideal for viticulture. The French word terroir is the sum of all factors having impact of the grapes´ quality such as: geology, topology , soil, microclimate, solar radiation, minerals composition, density and many others..

Having conducted extensive analyses of the vineyard´s soil, Professor M. Penkov, a recognized international expert, among others from Oxford University made the following conclusion:

 “… The soil is rich in minerals such as iron, phosphorus, potassium and calcium both at the surface and deeper levels. Light and mineral-rich soil with good mechanical and physical properties is essential for the cultivation of grapes in order to produce wines with unique qualities…”

Drilling for hand to a 2 m. depth for soil analysis, supervised by Prof. Penkov

The establishment of the vineyard was started during the autumn of 2005, when the vegetation was cleared and the soil was ploughed to a depth of 70 cm. Mr. Penkov, with his colleague Doc. Petrov from the institute of Viticulture&Ampelography and the local agronomist Popov were deeply involved in the planning and building of the vineyard. The selection of grape varieties, the planting, training formations as well as the harvest were optimized with the sole purpose of obtaining grapes with the highest quality. Despite low rainfall of around 550 mm yearly, Abdyikas vines fields would not be artificially irrigated. The water scarcity should push the vines to develop a deep root system, striving to reach the groundwater level. As a result of that the vines became highly resilient against drought and the grapes develop outstanding aromas due to the high concentration of minerals in the depth.

Manual cleaning of the surface roots, to stimulate development of roots in depth

Manual cleaning of the surface roots, to stimulate development of roots in depth

The vineyard’s terroir, the vines’ deep root system and a low harvest amount are prerequisites for a high concentration of phenols (aromatic flavor, tannins, color…) and acidity, the corner stones for a quality wine.

Today Abdyika employs a dozen workers having the handcraft for viniculture in legacy from the parents. The most advance mechanization and agrochemistry of today is not able to challenge the human talent in the vineyard’s work. Such as: pruning, shoots trimming, bunch yield reduction, leaf tinning, clearing of weeds, time and again until harvest carried out into effect for each individual vine with selectivity and on time. 

Shoots and branch trimming